Text re-encoding for optimising storage capacity in the browser

Web apps vs native apps. Sadly it’s not a fair fight, particularly when it comes to storage. A native app can use all the storage it wants, while a web app hits quotas and limits at every turn. Here’s a table of the restrictions by storage API and browser, which we determined by a combination of reading specs, consulting browser vendors and testing experimentally:

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WebSQL (w) / IndexedDB (i) Appcache localStorage Cookies
Safari/iOS 5 5MB / 50MB (w) 10MB 5MB 4KB total
up to 50 per domain
Android Browser / ICS ? Unlimited 5MB
BB Browser / PlayBookOS ? ? ?
Safari 5.2 5MB / Unlimited (w) Unlimited 5MB
Chrome 20 Unlimited (wi) 5MB 5MB
IE 10 500MB (i) 50MB 10MB
Opera 11 5MB / Unlimited (w) 50MB / Unlimited 5MB / Unlimited
Firefox 11 50MB / Unlimited (i) Unlimited 10MB

You might look at these and think that actually they’re pretty generous – 50MB seems to be the lowest common denominator. But the FT publishes hundreds of stories a day, along with more than a hundred high resolution images, not to mention podcasts and videos. If a user wants anything like a reasonable chunk of the FT for offline reading, 50MB is nothing.